Founded in Doncaster by Ahmed Shah in 1966 with the purchase of two residential properties, once refurbished these were held as investments. With a handsome return on investment from these initial properties, he grew the business with the addition of more rental properties and early small parcels of strategic land.

With developing skills in home refurbishment, we grew to offer construction services. The initial focus on investment remained at the core of the business and the income created through long working hours was invested in to increasingly diverse property assets.

Through the early 1970s our construction arm grew to provide services to the booming infrastructure development industry. Pioneers in the early infrastructure industry, we recognised the role of hired in machinery on large scale projects and diversified further, opening a plant hire arm of the business. This was later successfully sold to a larger competitor.

With 18 years of construction and refurbishment experience, we recognised the underlying quality issues with much of the housing stock and knew we could offer better quality homes. Swan Homes took off in 1984, offering boutique newly built houses within small developments, craftsman built to exacting standards. Over 30 years later, Swan Homes is really flying!

Continuing in the pioneering spirit, we were early movers in the Nursing Home market, recognising the opportunity to offer high standards of care with stringent oversight and management within a quality built environment. Bringing construction skills and experience in quality residential house building, we provided premium quality homes set within luxury new and converted historic buildings, all with manicured gardens. Another successful exit to a larger competitor followed.

Investments in under-used and neglected brownfield sites saw the group’s commercial property business develop, bringing life back to them with community focused planning and development. In 1999, TLB Properties launched to focus on the management of these properties.

Timely investments in key markets ensured continued growth, with increased investment in Prime Central London from the mid-2000s alongside continued investment in the North of England.

Our focus on long term investment, craftsman-built construction and community focused development continues today. Most importantly, across three generations and half a century, the founding values of honesty, integrity and trust have remained at our core.

With a rich and vibrant history, we have retained the flexibility to adapt to changing times.